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Have an Existing Home Security System?

Never Pay Monitoring Fees Again!

Save Money without Sacrificing Security

Join the revolution and STOP paying monitoring fees FOREVER

Wireless, app enabled, self monitoring of your security system. No matter where you are, upstairs, out of town, out of the country, YOU will be notified instantly and YOU decide how to respond to your alarm!

NO annoying monthly bill, NO contract, PAYS for itself in 3 months, MAY qualify for home insurance rebate

Why uSecure!

Existing system useless by not being monitored, trying to cut back on unnecessary expenses or just tired of paying large monthly monitoring fees?  uSecure is for you.  Reduce expenses without sacrificing security. 

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Attaching uSecure is Easy

With two installation options, uSecure can adapt to your needs or comfort level.  Click below to learn more about direct connect installation or plug and play. Both are simple and straightforward!

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